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Almost everyone knows that from Norway in our and other countries arrives fish, but it is possible to get quality rest in its territory it knows not everyone. Of course in the sea is not for swimming and white sandy beaches not to lie, but this does not mean that Norway has nothing to offer the modern tourist, on the contrary, it is quite a colorful country where you will be able to find the desired hospitality and loads of fun. To see most cities is now possible without leaving your home, then installed the webcam completely erased the boundaries between States. The impossible became possible and completely free, you just have to activate the stream, to start to get new information. The city Marina in the Norwegian city of Bodø is one of the objects that is widely observed in the Internet. Users around the world who have a computer and a good Internet connection, look at the Marina from the comfort of home. The picture is fed into the grid in real time, stream is round the clock, throughout the year, so this is a unique opportunity to see the city in snow, and green grass. With views of the Marina, which gives you a webcam, you can see the ships entering here for loading or unloading of the goods. Norway to a greater extent lives by the sea, so most of the locals involved in the field of marine supplies, fishing and so on. With the pier and see the water surface and far shore, in the period of heavy rains fills the camera slightly and the picture may be blurred, the rest of the time you have a unique opportunity to get a lot of new information.

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