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At first it may seem that the new webcam will allow you to enjoy the pleasant views of the next square, which now is located on the expanses of Norway, but do not rush to conclusions, as the next camera was located much lower than it might seem. It is located directly in front of the square and allows you to personally look at how actively people are resting there, the fact is that right in front of the camera there is a cafe and it obscures most of the review. It may be a little frustrating, but do not worry, the area is still a fairly spacious place for walking and rest, nothing special about it, except that it's beautiful. But you have a great opportunity to observe the locals. Given that this cafe is located in the center of the city, it is easy to guess that it enjoys high demand and popularity. Every day hundreds of people visit the cafe, who with great pleasure make their orders, strive to get a portion of food and good mood, which is already talking about the atmosphere. These people are all like relatives, they actively communicate, laugh and share their impressions, so you have a great opportunity just to enjoy high energy and routine. It's enough just to include accompanying music, and you'll immediately understand how unique this observation is. Now you can instantly find yourself in the center of Norway and just see exactly how people look there, what is special about them and how they spend their time with what mood. We are confident that the new card will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant environment and recharge with good energy. Now this place will become available to you, and you can visit it at any time. We are sure that you will succeed and you will enjoy every minute of your life. Enjoy watching!

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