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Norway is a wonderful country, though not in huge demand among tourists as a place for a beach holiday. You'd be surprised how many new things you can find on its banks, if only to take some free time. Today there is no need to personally fly to the country to learn about its advantages and disadvantages, the tourist business has become more qualitative and most cities offers real-time and see their major sights. The Norwegian city Forsan can offer people amazing beauty of nature, especially worth your attention the Lysefjord, a panoramic view opens on it today installed there is a web camera. The picture is supplied to the network clock broadcast is in real time so the user always has the ability to get not just useful, but also accurate information. If you spend a little free time, you will never regret it, in the days when the sun pleases its warmth, you will discover the incredible beauty of the picture. The whole area that enters the frame as the palm you have on the computer are mountains, forests and the river, the water is so clear that even I can't believe she can have such an amazing shade. If you don't know where to go on vacation, and the warm country, you are already bored with, I suggest to choose as a place of residence it Norway. It will delight you with its hospitality and quality of recreation and leisure programs. To assess the benefits of this place can very quickly and easily from your computer screen.

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