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In Norway you can enjoy not only delicious food, because the fish then cook an unimaginable amount of ways, even difficult to imagine how taste different dishes here, it is necessary to try. Despite the cold, the country is popular among tourists, there is always something to do and above all it is active recreation, including winter sports. In Geiranger there is a cruise port to which ships moor, hence people are sent to short-lived trip to the sea and the long journey. To see the object not only personally arrived with the visit to the country, but also remotely using an Internet connection and a computer. On-site the cruise port has installed a webcam offering a view of the advanced and the mountains. From this perspective it is difficult not to notice that the nature of the country is diverse and beautiful in its own way. Web camera broadcasts the picture is completely free, it is her positive quality, which is necessary to use, if you have some free time. The recording quality is excellent, if in Norway the weather permits and the sun is shining you can get a lot of useful information for yourself regarding the infrastructure of an illuminated object. Webcam working around the clock in real-time, in night time, due to the lack of night mode, the picture is fed into the grid is dark, but it's not terrible, during the day you can admire the scenery. Do not stop on our achievements, travel the world with us, broaden your horizons and get seen, especially since it costs nothing, just your free time.

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