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Norway is a developed country, hence to our table dwells amazing taste is fish, which it is impossible not to enjoy. Most cities have good infrastructure, because in their territory resides a few hundred thousand people, it is important that within the settlements and between them has been established message. To properly organize the traffic flow, the city administration Lillestrom needed to solve the problem with traffic jams, especially near the bus station, where every day resides and where did subside hundreds of people. To solve the congestion it was decided to make the ring in front of the Bus station, the town Hall today to look at it from the lens installed there is a web camera. the device works around the clock to view the pictures enough to have a computer or phone and able to access the Internet. The web camera is mounted so that its lens covering as much territory as possible of the ring. Any user can receive such broadcast much useful information, all data comes quickly and in real time. Pictures popular with locals, with it they can quickly determine the real situation on the road. The webcam becomes a good helper in the conservation of free time, if the ring is congestion, you will learn about it first. Will be a helpful video and to those who only sit behind the wheel, so he prefers to check the route, road signs and markings is still a long time before it turns of the track.

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