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If you want to enjoy the beautiful nature, we offer for this webcam overlooking the bay, weather camera in Nordjordade Norway . This interesting place will delight not only with the vastness, but also with the breadth of coverage with the help of equipment. Camera is located directly opposite the bay and allows you to observe the nature. Norway is famous for such places, so you should not miss the opportunity to relax and see exactly how the water expanses stretching between the hills. In addition to the water itself, there are options for viewing. It should be noted the presence of additional information that shows the weather forecast and time.

As for the details, the webcam indicates: - on the shore you can see the structure, it is designed to store the boat; - a fence is built along the shore and trees are planted that perfectly complement the picture and improve the atmosphere; - it is crystal clear and gives off a blue color, sometimes pleasure boats float on it; - in the distance one more building and ships can be seen by the fact that the light from there is clearly visible at night, it acts as a lighthouse; - the horizon is covered by powerful hills that are completely dotted with trees, creating a green cover.

It shows how attractive the territories in the country can be. This is enough to make sure the uniqueness of the natural side.

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