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Almost every country in the world is worth at least one webcam, owing to such technical advances people have learned to overcome the distance, make a virtual journey to other countries, without spending funds. Today shoot anything, including industrial areas in cities, Parking lots, playgrounds, and not just sights. In Norway, the Sandnes sent the camera to the Parking lot in front of a private house. This is an opportunity for the owners of the home in any revenge any time to observe what happens to their car and around it. The camera covers the area around the Parking lot, you can evaluate the livability of the city in the broadcast area. The webcam works around the clock, the picture is served in real time, enough for the viewer to have at hand a device that receives a video signal and a good connection to the network. At night, the webcam does not give a clear picture due to the lack of night mode. The object works only in the daytime, the device gives a clear picture of coverage.

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