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In some Norwegian cities are ports and this is not surprising, and it follows the supplies from the sea and with the same success trades with other countries, fish and other goods produced here. A town called tromsø is not one of the small settlements, on the contrary, there is a very developed infrastructure, amazing nature and despite the cold, the tourists arrive on its territory to enjoy the benefits of tromsø. Amazing and beautiful mountain views, located in the territory, which covers installed there is a web camera. When the sun shines and the sky is perfectly clean, and screen your own computer to enjoy the views of the town and the water surface of the Harbor. Ships call at the port regularly, most of the locals involved in the fishing industry and local chefs in cooking fish. Having been in Norway once, beginning to ponder, not whether to move to live here for permanent residence. The locals are very hospitable, they always welcome people and I try largely to cater to those who for the first time is in their country. The web camera is directed at a seaport, gives a qualitative view of the mountains, facing the user of a magnificent nature. The device works round the clock in real time, just after dark, the photo quality deteriorates due to the lack of night mode. After sunrise you have plenty of time to fully and in detail to study the object. Web camera ideal for those who are just going to go on vacation to Norway, it can help to look at it from all sides. Rejoice, we offer you the opportunity to explore the world around them without any extra costs, travel and discover new boundaries.

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