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Recently, the ports have started to enjoy a high level of popularity and offer a pleasant time to simply observe the work of people, how ships are moored and just have a good time, watching the quietest and little-changing process. This time you will have the opportunity to look at the pier in the port in the city of Trondheim. In it there is nothing unusual, except that the location of the camera. If earlier you could meet the cameras that showed the port from the outside of the water, now the camera will be located strictly in the port and you personally will enjoy the numerous details of this place. Now you will have the opportunity to observe the work of the staff, since the port is quite lively in the given plan. You can watch how the barges constantly sail, and sometimes even visit the port and large ships. Pay special attention to the berth itself, where you can find not only cargo boxes, but various transport, barrels and other small things. Despite the fact that at first the port may seem small and typical, you can enjoy the distant scenery, however, only at night, since it is at this time that the environment will illuminate with light and simply delight the eye. Now you will have an excellent opportunity to have a good time and just enjoy a pleasant aesthetic process. Ports previously did not meet so often, so it's worth giving credit, because such applications are not so common. Therefore, you can arrange yourself and begin to closely monitor everything that is happening. We are sure that such a process will necessarily give you an unforgettable pastime and will simply allow you to get a portion of good mood. Do not miss the opportunity to personally look at the port and enjoy its surroundings.

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