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Modern cities are characterized by the presence on their territories of complex road structures. Which are designed to minimize traffic flows and increase road capacity. Transport interchange in the centre of the Polish town of Nowy Tomysl is now widely covered in the Internet. This is done to ensure that people from other cities could get acquainted with the site remotely, and saw from a height where the vehicle travels. From this angle shows that it is a small but very green city. The camera is not designed for night shooting, so the best time to view the broadcast day. The device can help to get better acquainted with the peculiarities of driving on the roads of Poland, the picture is quite clear and sharp, it is served in real-time. Webcam working around the clock in online, her stream available on any device that plays video. Of course, if you compare with cities cities, such interchange does not look too complicated, but it plays a not unimportant role in the organization of infrastructure in the city. Regardless of your geographical location, the picture is absolutely free of charge goes to the phone or computer.

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