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If you have long dreamed of watching a rather interesting and unusual places, and PI and wanted to dream about it, then we suggest you pay attention to our new camera, the objects of which are aimed strictly at the village of TEI In the city of Abakan. Yes, as you might guess, we will talk about the Republic of Khakassia, which is located on the territory of Russia. This means that it's time to just enjoy the most interesting landscapes and just feel the pleasant and marvelous atmosphere of your favorite country. Do not rush to conclusions, everyone loves their Homeland in its own way, so we suggest just look at the marvelous corner of the country. We hasten to note that the webcam is located on top of the mountain, which allows you to closely monitor the village, which is located at the foot of the mountain. Around the village stretched the impenetrable forest and you can see little dashes of roads that are the main focus for the transportation of products and people. Who knows, maybe there is also air transport, but the apparent hint in the camera you are unlikely to see. Therefore, we offer just to watch the village itself and people who, despite their small number, behave actively and even arrange various festivities. We can immediately note that the village is not so big and allows to cast his gaze only for a couple of minutes. We offer you not to waste time and just start watching. We are sure that you will achieve the desired result and just enjoy the pleasure. The main thing is to try to correctly use all the latest features and don't forget to think positive during follow-up. We wish you all the best. Now you can enjoy a pleasant pastime and just pleasant emotions.

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