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Surface layer pebble beach consists of pebbles, which is rounded to varying degrees fragments of rocks with a diameter from 1 to 10 cm Acute angles of fragments effusions under the action of coastal waves. Sea pebbles, usually has a flat shape. Depending on the value prevailing on the pebble beach, the coast there are pebble and krupnoblochnye. One of the main advantages of pebble beaches, clean and clear water. On the beaches this type of good Snorkelling and explore the underwater world - the visibility allows. Furthermore, on the pebble beaches, as a rule, tourists are significantly less than in sand. Part of the pebbly beaches at all "wild". However, there are some inconveniences. Walking on hot pebbles in the sun is not only uncomfortable, but sometimes dangerous - that's why for a comfortable stay on the coast it is necessary to use special Slippers.

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