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For the Olympics in Sochi, the government tried to create all conditions for future tourists. One of the most popular facilities today is Polyana 1389, which is a hotel complex of Gazprom. Its location is the Psekhako plateau. The entire territory of the facility fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape. From this perspective, an amazing view of the protected area opens. The cottage settlement of Gazprom "Polyana 1389" can be seen through the lens of the webcam. A unique and completely free opportunity to admire the architectural art of Russian builders. For some, this is an excellent option to see and decide whether it is worth spending your time on vacation in this place. The main concept, which can be traced at a glance - Alpine chalets with comfortable living and the possibility of recreational recreation. Here is presented in a wide range of European cuisine. There are bars, cafes and well-developed infrastructure for organizing a quality winter active holiday.

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