Webcam Adler - Gorki Gorod funicular and the steep descent

About webcam "Gorki Gorod funicular and the steep descent" in the city Adler

The city of Adler and its peaks has been actively used since recently as one of the best places for active winter holidays. Very often you can hear the expression "global village", that's what they say when it comes to the resort of Adler. The village, the slides, the city, the funicular and the steep descent have become the international meeting point of the ski community, they attract winter sports enthusiasts from around the world. Adler and its peaks combine traditions and an international atmosphere, guests can not help feeling it. This place is famous for its beauty, snowfall in the villages and excellent track conditions. Several modern cable cars and elevators offer the highest level of safety and comfort. A few tens of kilometers of descents, perfectly groomed trails for any level of professionalism of the skier, complex steep slopes and deep snow slopes, snowboard amusement parks, races and many cozy places offer variety and enjoyment. You can see all this and enjoy the offered spectacle through the lens of the webcam. They were installed opposite the steep descent, so that future tourists could appreciate the opportunities offered by the resort. The camera works around the clock, the quality of shooting is excellent, you can increase the broadcast to full screen.

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