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Adler – one of resort cities of Russia come here in the summer to enjoy the warm sea and all the benefits that offer nature and man, having conquered her. The city has many things to do and places where you could go in between skiing and relaxing in the room. Enjoys no small popularity of the restaurant Roza Khutor, which is more than one hundred square meters of land. Look at the object from a height and you can experience the benefits today, you can not just arrived on a visit to Adler, but just activating the stream on your own phone or computer. The picture is fed into the network with authorization, preview absolutely free for anyone who wants to see real-time restaurant. The geographical position of the user does not affect the quality of the broadcast, you must have a good network connection to live went without a hitch. With the presented perspective, the restaurant can be seen almost completely, but only its external side. It is impossible to consider the people around places, but the architecture of the object. - The web camera does not guarantee the quality and good visibility after sunset, when light becomes insufficient for the study of the object.

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