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The lower base area of ​​the Rosa Khutor Valley is on Mzymta, a river that flows at a height of 56 meters. The highest lift is the Caucasus Express convoy, it leads to the top of the farm, where the height is 2,320 m (7,610 ft), here the total vertical drop per mile is 1,760 m (5,770 ft). The main base for skiing is the Rose Plateau at an altitude of 1170 m (3840 ft), a vertical drop at an altitude of 1150 m (3,770 ft) from the summit. The arbor, the middle mountainous terrain, lies at an altitude of 1350 m (4,430 ft) and is the lower loading platform of the Caucasian Express, which has a medium-level loading station in the Rosa 1600, about a mile above sea level at an altitude of 1600 m (5,200 ft) . On the eastern edge of the resort is the Rosa Stadium, the Alpine race track at an altitude of 940 m (3080 ft), a vertical drop at an altitude of 1380 m (430 ft) from the summit of Rose Peak. The ski resort Rosa Khutor is the territory of ten hotel projects with more than 1600 rooms. Agreements on cooperation with several international and Russian hotel operators have been signed. To see what Rosa-Khutor represents, snack bars and funiculars are possible in real time, thanks to the webcams installed there. This broadcast goes directly to the objects, it works around the clock in real time.

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