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Here you will never find ancient castles and great museums, but Adler, has been recently characterized by world-famous sporting events such as the Olympic Games and the Formula One World Championship, which retains its individuality and originality. Explore the tropical diversity of the park "Yujnie Kulturi", read all the urban legends that are discussed in small and narrow streets. Feel the taste and spirit of the central market of Adler. Be sure to stroll along the rows of fish, try the smoked red mullet, look at the carp in the pool. Evaluate local cheese and honey, clothes and jewelry. Be sure to swim in the colorful ocean of subtropical fruits and berries, ask for advice - which spice is good for meat dishes and which will reduce the headache. Taste the fresh, crispy and hot bread of local lavash bread from a small bakery at the western end of the market. It is always pleasant to escape from the market bustle and turmoil and stroll along the waterfront with beaches near the sports complex, drink beer or strong coffee cooked on hot sand in a cozy cafe, walk through the city gardens full of oranges, tangerines, feijoa and kiwi, and finish the daytime walk in the sunset on the waterfront. You can not come yourself, then to help you a web camera installed there. It will allow you to see the embankment in real time, assess the weather in the city or simply get acquainted with the resort before the trip.

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