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Central Lenin square in the city of Gorno-Altaisk is an important local infrastructure object on whose territory not rarely hold cultural events. Unlike many other similar objects, the square surrounds not only the Park area and administrative buildings, but also residential area. Around areas is a city road and see everything in real time from the comfort of home will help the web camera installed on one of the next posts. A picture with web camera is fed into the grid around the clock, free access to videos for users of all countries. The camera's lens perfectly captures the local atmosphere, sharpness and brightness allows you to enjoy what he saw. On the main big building and part of the area at the bottom of the lens pulls out part of the road. In the frame are constantly passing people and passing cars that stream was constantly necessary to have a quality connection to the Internet. Directly in front of a camera mounted light, but this light source is not enough after sunset that the user can get useful information about the object, its location and its infrastructure. The device has limited functionality, it does not change the condition and does not have night mode. When the sun can only see the silhouettes of passing cars and passing people entering the lens of the camera. Check the weather and just look at the Central square you can day.

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