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21 June 1967 on the southern coast of Crimea has hospitably opened its doors to holidaymakers hotel "Dubna", a structural unit of the joint Institute for nuclear research (JINR). This Guesthouse is considered international. On the basis of annual international symposia, congresses, seminars, meetings with the participation of over 20 countries. Rest here and enhance health scientists and their family members of the 18 member countries of JINR. The holiday hotel "Dubna" today is a recreation complex with comfortable accommodation at an affordable price that provides not only rest in Alushta, cheerfulness and good spirits, and full recovery of health. We offer our guests cosy rooms, a medical centre, catering facilities, sports fields, outdoor disco, concert and conference halls, well-equipped beach and much more. The pension Dubna up to more than 300 people. Located in a green area. Guests of the resort are located in the comfortable rooms with all amenities. There is also wireless Internet. This Guesthouse Autonomous self-sufficient in electricity, hot and cold water supply, public service vehicles certified according to the quality of service to the Russian state standard. Our Guesthouse is the ideal place for those who wish to spend a wonderful vacation in Alushta with children or family prefers, modern and at the same time inexpensive, recreation Alushta.

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