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Belogorsk, located on the territory of the Russian Federation is of no tourist interest, but netizens have the opportunity to see it on there web Cam. The device has become a perfect helper in getting the new information in real-time. The stream is fed into the grid around the clock, watch it only online, so you will need a quality connection to the network. Can not please the picture quality, due to the selected position of the network users can look at the city's Central square, the main purpose of which is to conduct city events. Despite the fact that the operation site is not so often, the locals have found another use for it. Today's youth comes here in the summer and roller skates or bicycles, wider area with such a smooth surface, where you could turn around, impossible to find. Not infrequently through the stream, you can see moms walking with strollers, but most is of interest of the video during the event. People who can't get to the square can calmly look at what is happening from the comfort of home. night on the square no one comes, its territory is poorly lit, so after sunset the picture quality changes. In the frame of the broadcast enters the main building, a small part of the area and parkland in the background. In real time, users can observe how the locals feeding the pigeons and just spend time strolling here.

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