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Kazan Cathedral is a Cathedral Church of the city of Chita. Here is the chair of the Bishop of Chita and TRANS-Baikal. Respectively, and Episcopal service occur mostly here. Five-domed Kazan Cathedral in Chita is a traditional for Russian architecture of the cross-domed temple with a tent-shaped bell tower. Five high light reel end of the large onion domes, why the Church has a heroic look. Central one symbolizes Christ, the other four – the four evangelists and the Cross, the four cardinal directions, that is, the entire Universe, the center of which the Lord Himself. The massive walls of the Cathedral surrounded by the horizontal decorative square niches (his pants). This sleek belt in-depth reliefs facilitates powerful heroic form of the Cathedral. A tall narrow window openings decorated by the arcature-columnar belt. The drums and the apse is also decorated arkaturno belt. The walls are crowned with ogee-shaped Gables-corbel arches, accentuates the dynamic upward movement. Through the Church the refectory is connected with a hipped bell tower, which is topped with a small head. The bell tower in the form of a powerful rectangular with beveled corners with octagonal decorated with kokoshniks. The octagon completes the tent has four Windows with trim-corbel arches. On the bell tower there are 13 bells, the main of which weighs 10 tons.

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