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No flower shops, our men would not know how to surprise their women, to make them feel good, to impress their imagination. Such shops work sometimes around the clock, because you never know when you'll need a good bouquet of flowers. Experts in the field of bouquets can create for you a custom bouquet for a special occasion, and can offer ready-made. In Saratov one of the flower shop set inside the webcam, the stream from it enters the Internet around the clock. In real time you can see what's going on inside the store which floral bouquets are commercially available. It is very convenient if you want to buy something specific, but don't want to spend the time looking. From the first glance, eyes full of the brightness used in the bouquets, they are all well reviewed, so making the choice is not difficult. The webcam gives you timely information about what is inside the store. The device is aimed at the floral counter, and removed from it so that people could consider as many options as possible collected bouquets. For the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg is a unique opportunity not just to get information, but also to choose a bouquet remotely approaching the store, allowing to reduce the consumption of free time. Not many stores launched the network are broadcast. This is actually a great publicity stunt that is sure to attract the attention of users is closest to the shop area.

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