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Lenin Avenue (the original name is uppercase, Perspektivnaya, perspectivnaya Main street, in the early nineteenth century — Prospectiva road, Prospective street, from 1845 until 1919 Main Avenue, until 1962 — Lenin's street) — Avenue in the centre of Yekaterinburg, the main city street. Comes from Kommunarov square (Moskovskaya str.) to the Kirov square (street of Peace) in four administrative districts of the city: house No. 1-33 (odd side) up to Gorkogo street — Verkh-Isetskiy district, No. 35-105, from the street to Mira street — the Kirov district № 2—38A (even side), street K. Liebknecht — Lenin district, No. 40-58, from Karl Liebknecht street to East street — Oktyabrsky district, No. 60A—74, from East street to Mira street — the Kirov area. The total length of 4600 meters.

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