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Gelendzhik is a resort town in Krasnodar Krai in Russia. Situated on the Bay of Gelendzhik bestows the riches of the Black sea, it is located between Novorossiysk ( 31 km Northwest ) and Tuapse district ( 93 km to the Southeast ). The municipality of Noumea Large stretches 102 kilometers along the coastline, it covers a surface area of 122,754 ha. In ancient times the Bay consisted of a minor Greek Outpost, in the annals he is referred to as Torikos Tiny Greek settlement excavated in Gelendzhik has been identified by some researchers. He was part of the Bosporan Kingdom, but the record of this settlement is so fragmentary that it is impossible to make any accurate conclusions. The colony was destroyed due to the invasion of the Hun. In the middle ages the Bay was of great importance to the Genoese traders. See the panoramic view of the Gelendzhik Bay today and not leaving the house, enough to have a connection to the Internet and a device that reproduces video signal. Web Cam works online around the clock, access the picture free.

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