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Gvardeysk is a town in the Kaliningrad region in Russia. It is located on the right Bank of the Pregolya river approximately 38 km East of Kaliningrad. The population is about 14, 572. Peter of Dusburg wrote of a settlement known as "Tapiow". The first documented evidence was a recording about the city in 1254, when there was built the Fort "Surgurbi". The old Prussian names sounded like "teplu, Toplu, TAPI," which means "warm" and "Garbis", which means "around the mountain". During the 13th century at the time of the Prussian crusade, the area was conquered by the knights. To protect the land, the crusaders built a wooden Fort. In 1351 year this area became a castle. The settlement gradually became known to others from those German crusaders as "Tapiau". Vytautas, later Grand Duke of Lithuania, was baptized in Tapiau in 1385. To see modern Singapore and its Bus station can be installed today via there webcam, stream which enters the network in real-time. Video available to users online for free.

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