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Every major city has a Central square, a POI is used as a venue for mass cultural city events. The main requirements that the area had dimensions commensurate with the number of residents and was efficiently organized, that is, its territory was flower beds, benches. Central Lenin square in Khabarovsk meets all these requirements, it is one of the Central sites of the city, so the government has done everything possible to people around the world could meet her. Not so long ago there was installed a web camera, stream it is fed into the grid around the clock in real time. Users worldwide can activate the stream on your computer at a convenient time for them, works video online. For viewing no fees are required, you just have to have a quality connection to the network to enjoy what he saw. With the chosen perspective on the broadcast you will be able to see the area almost completely, together with the objects located on its territory. The picture is very clear, but the distance allows you to see the scale of the buildings, and not to evaluate separately the architectural features of nearby buildings. The webcam works around the clock, but it lacks night mode, so the best time to view the broadcast after sunrise.

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