Webcam Khabarovsk - The intersection of Kalinin-ussyriysky Boulevard

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About webcam "The intersection of Kalinin-ussyriysky Boulevard" in Khabarovsk

The city Khabarovks one of the largest cities of Russia, a large part of its territory is built up with tall buildings, shopping centers. The city authorities have taken care to ensure that the streets of Khabarovsk were quite saseline. See how looks one of the parts of Khabarovsk, namely the intersection of Kalinin-Ussuriyskiy Boulevard is possible by including a web camera, mounted on the bird's eye view on the object. Picture supplied by the web camera, clear, bright, it almost covers one of the districts of the city. The webcam is set up so that people could see the street, the next building, shopping centers, sidewalk lines. Left webcam captures a little of the water surface of the river Amur, it is difficult from this angle to estimate the magnitude of a natural object, perhaps viewing will be the reason for the unscheduled trips.

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