Webcam Khabarovsk - The base is in the Industrial area

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About webcam "The base is in the Industrial area" in Khabarovsk

Modern Webcams are the perfect companions that help us see the world around us, from the comfort of home. Today, around the world they are set in the thousands, at the expense of their people can trace the safety of their property, to study the behavior of animals in natural and unnatural conditions. In General, the human capabilities increase significantly. In Khabarovka the city has installed several web cameras, one of them leaves the territory of the base in the Industrial area. With the webcam is computer a clear picture, the sound in real time around the clock. At night the picture quality due to the lack of a sufficient amount of light is reduced. The camera covers the main gate, the road in front of them, a track on the base and a small area in the Parking lot.

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