Webcam Khabarovsk - The intersection of the Voronezh and Large

See on webcam The intersection of the Voronezh and Large and watch the weather in Khabarovsk

About webcam "The intersection of the Voronezh and Large" in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk – populous city, with wide, downloaded tracks, so many motorists, before heading to a strange city I prefer to explore in more detail the behavior of the car on the road, markings and other necessary stuff. Web camera – a great opportunity not just to explore the intersection of Voronezh and Large streets in Khabarovsk, but also to consider the rate of movement on it, road signs. The webcam works in real time, even on the road you can assess the situation in advance to avoid the object. Webcam fully embraces the intersection, visible even number of passing cars, not to mention the traffic signals and other details. At night, the intersection is well lit, so the webcam broadcast continues to shoot, with very good quality.

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