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Central Lenin square in the town of INTA in Russia, practically does not differ in its architectural idea from other objects of the same purpose in other cities. The main difference of this object is grey shade of the building and the area around it selected as the main architect. Look at the area can easily any Internet user, simply enable online broadcast from this page. The webcam works in real time around the clock, it's playing as with a desktop computer, and phone, tablet and any other device that processes and plays back the video signal. In the frame of this broadcast is not only the whole territory of the square, but the building in the background. Any architectural features of the object is different, the structure is made in the usual for the buildings of administrative purposes rectangular style. The area occupies a large space, there are no flower beds or green areas, the whole Park area is located on the sides on both sides. A web camera can become a great help not only in obtaining additional information about the city and its individual objects, but also the weather. In the frame of the lens hits the sky, though she the webcam is not functional, the ability to rotate, its position was selected so that the user can see maximum information about the object. At night the picture changes significantly and becomes worse due to the lack of the device to night mode, as well as a good light source in the area.

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