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The pre-war city center (Altstadt and Kneiphof) currently consists of parks, wide avenues, a square on the site of the former castle of Koenigsberg and two buildings: the House of Soviets ("The House of Sovereigns"), about the site of the former castle, and the restored Königsberg Cathedral on the island of Kneiphof (now the island of Kant). The grave of Immanuel Kant is located next to the cathedral. Many buildings of the German era in the historic center of the city were preserved and even rebuilt, including the reconstruction of the Konigsberg synagogue. The new center of the city is centered around Victory Square. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, consecrated in 2005, is located on this square. The oldest building in Kaliningrad is the Units church (built before 1288). Also worth seeing is the former Stock Exchange, the surviving churches and the remaining city gates. In addition to the already mentioned Dohny Tower, which houses the Museum of Amber, the Wrangel Tower also remains a reminder of the former city walls of Koenigsberg. Remain only the gates of the former fort Friedrichsburg. Kaliningrad is located at the mouth of the navigable river Pregolya, which flows into the Vistula lagoon, the basin of the Baltic Sea. Naval vessels can access Gdansk / Danzig Bay and the Baltic Sea via the Vistula Lagoon and the Baltic Strait. Until about 1900, ships, more than 2 meters in water could not pass through the bar and go into the city. Larger vessels had to stand on Pillau (now in Baltiysk), where the cargo was transferred to smaller ships. In 1901, the shipping canal between Koenigsberg and Pillau, completed by the cost of 13 million DM, which allowed vessels of 6.5 meters to moor next to the city. Through a web camera installed in the modern world, a panorama of the city opens from the Mayak observation tower. The video is available online 24 hours a day.

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