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About webcam "The traffic on the Soviet prospectus" in Kaliningrad

The installed web Cam in Kaliningrad gives you an impressive view of the traffic on the Soviet prospectus. He now is essential in the transport structure of the city and widely publicized to the whole world, you just have to have network access and a good connection with her. Picture available in real time around the clock, online viewing is one of the main benefits to the end user, saving you time and money. In the background the web Cam in Kaliningrad demonstrates the effect of Stalinism in the form of the stoic architecture. In the frame of the full exposure of the roadway and moving traffic, you can see the markings and even traffic signs. Kaliningrad is a very pleasant town with many green areas, unfortunately they are from this angle is not visible. The remains of the old königsberg are of European charm, but is everywhere and visible consequences of influence of Stalin. It's hard not to notice how much in this area actively traffic. The track is divided into 4 bands, which significantly helps to protect the area from traffic jams morning and evening, though they happen. Through the lens of the camera to get reliable and useful information at any time.

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