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Kerch has a rich history and is a city that has survived the influence of many cultures and civilizations. In ancient times it was the capital of the powerful and rich Bosporan Kingdom, with Panticapaeum name. He was part of the Roman Empire and other ancient countries. Here in the middle ages was dominated by the Genoese and the Ottoman Turks. In the late 18th century, Kerch and the entire Crimea belonged to the Russian Empire. Kerch is the main attraction with its historic centre. Among the attractions include the mount mithridat, located at the top of the ancient Panticapaeum. At the same moment you see the ruins of the Acropolis, which stood there with wide streets, squares, numerous temples and palaces. Today, thanks to the archaeologists, you can explore the remains of ancient buildings in the Museum of antiquities. This Museum stands near the excavations, and inside it you can admire the unique discoveries of the excavation. Staircase of over 400 steps leads to the top of the mountain. It was built in the 19th century by the Italian architect Alexander Digby. It offers a wonderful view, decorated with flowers and stone sculptures of gryphons, you can catch the beautiful sea picture, the city and its surroundings. Definitely worth a visit the Church of St. Luke, which is transmitted through the lens of a web camera. The video is from the inside, so before the user opens the interior of the monastery.

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