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Almost every city has its own radio station and many people were wondering how the day the leading, but, alas, access to the Studio is closed to outsiders. Some radio stations decided to solve this problem using the technical progress, they are allowed to place on the Studio webcam, broadcasting around the clock what is happening within the illuminated space. Studio radio station 107 FM is one of those stations that have decided to popularize your workspace and if only they knew what interest was aroused by their actions. Indeed, what had previously remained behind the scenes interested in ordinary people who never thought about the fact that this job at the radio station. Webcam working around the clock in real time, that is, you have the opportunity to see what is currently happening in the Studio. This is a unique opportunity for your child to choose the profession if he thought about becoming a radio host, now he can appreciate all working day person of this profession. Camera operates continuously, the picture does not cease to broadcast, you see, when you come leading when they leave, as there are preparatory works to the airwaves. All this allows to create in the mind of your picture.

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