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Krasnodar is one of the most important historical and cultural centers of southern Russia and the North Caucasus region. On the territory of this settlement is approximately 775 000 people, among them many people, including here there are Armenians, Ossetians, Russians, Tajiks, and many others. Many Armenians and Ossetians settled in the area during the years of political turmoil. The city is also home of the Circassians and Jews. There in the city the differences are not only national but also religious. Working mosques and cathedrals, the popular Cathedral square. The restored buildings of the Imperial era make this city very beautiful, most travelers need only a day or two to see all the main sights. To see exactly the area through broadcasts from web cameras that operate around the clock online. to say that Krasnodar was founded in 1794 by the black sea Cossack settlers under the guidance of Catherine the great to guard the southern border of the Russian Empire from the Ottomans. The city was originally known as Yekaterinodar, meaning "Catherine's Gift". Most of the city was destroyed during the German occupation in late 1942, but was later rebuilt.

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