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In the town of Krasnogorsk to the locals there is always something to do in his spare time, built a year-round ski resort Snow is very popular. This is a unique place to go with families or large parties of friends to ride the proposed routes. It is worth saying that Snow – enclosed space, inside of which was organized by the small slopes for skiing and snowboarding. To see and appreciate the advantages of object from home for this page lists web camera stream which is fed into the grid around the clock in real time. The camera is mounted directly within the housing and aimed to ski the descent, you can see the number of visitors and the General situation inside. For this pastime you will definitely need warm clothes, but the locals are not afraid of the cold inside, to the contrary, they have fun enjoying the benefits of winter. Lens camera fully embraces the descent, from its starting point to the bottom. To consider people due to the removal of only silhouettes, so to see their friends fail. Despite the fact that the complex is not staffed, the webcam is broadcast continuously. Access to videos is completely free for any user, regardless of their geographic location. So the people inside feel comfortable, the property is taken care of on internal infrastructure, great attention was paid to lighting. Here it is enough to picture the translation was clear, but unfortunately the device has no possibility to change the position of the lens, so shooting is always performed in one direction and to consider the complex completely fail.

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