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About webcam "Pool in the water Park Akvamir" in the city Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is located in the Northern area of Russia, where people are unable to enjoy plenty of water sports. The desire to get a comfortable rest became the reason of popularity of pool in the water Park Akvamir, daily come here a few dozen people to swim in warm water, ride a roller coaster and just have fun. The territory is well equipped for children and adults, to see the internal infrastructure today and not leaving the house, you just have to activate it on your computer is represented here is the stream. The picture is clear enough, and the camera lens close to the object so that the user can review it in detail. In-frame translation gets one part of the basin, for its size it is very large and the administration of the entertainment complex are unable to find that the webcam can see the scale of the pool. The object made in the form of a circle, in the center a small area with artificial vegetation, and the edges the place the swimmers. From the feeling that people are resting on the sea, the top has a walkway on which visitors descend from the changing rooms to the water. The room is always supported by one temperature, that is not seen on the broadcast, but can be understood by swimmers, as the water and air have a comfortable temperature. Despite the fact that the webcam is working around the clock, the complex has standard hours of operation. To see and appreciate its advantages in real-time, it is enough just to have on hand a good connection to the Internet.

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