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About webcam "a view of the street Kirov" in the city Novosibirsk

As in the territory of any large city in Novosibirsk, there are huge streets, which are the main arteries, and small ones, whose name can only be considered if you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the map. Kirov Street belongs to the first category, new housing complexes are being created around it, it is an important transport hub, a broadband road to both directions and constant traffic. A view of Kirov Street opens from this webcam around the clock, but the lens of the device is not able to capture it completely, only a part. A part of the roadway, buildings, a pedestrian zone and much more fall into the frame. You can use the online broadcast as a source of additional information, especially if you are looking for a place to live permanently and want to explore the advantages of this area in Novosibirsk in detail.

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