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About webcam "View Oktyabrskaya Magistral" in the city Novosibirsk

The street in the territory of Novosibirsk "Oktyabrskaya highway" is a multi-lane artery of the city, which, with the onset of darkness, does not stop in its movement. The webcam located at the destination is open 24 hours a day. Broadcast from it to the network in real time. You can switch between the current size of this camera and the enlarged one. It helps to make a virtual tour of the city, to find out where the object is located. The webcam works without interruptions, the quality of the video depends largely on the quality of the connection to the network. In the daytime, the highway is perfectly visible, the device is removed from the surface of the earth so that the user can see the vast territory of the highway. When the sun has set a magnificent view of the October highway. From a large flow of machines it seems that it burns and overflows with all possible bright colors. The first impression of viewing the video is different for everyone, but it's always a delight and inspiration. You can activate the camera on your computer, tablet or phone. If necessary, the picture is easily enlarged to the full screen.

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