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Novosibirsk is one of the Northern cities of Russia, is home to several million people, the infrastructure, and residents formed many attractions, leisure activities and entertainment. One of the main attractions of Novosibirsk is the square named after Karl Marx, which holds in its length more than one hundred people. On the square regularly hosts events, parades, pickets and other city events. Its territory is well-lit, so even at night here, everything can be viewed in detail. So you yourself could see what was going on, in the territory of the square were installed a web camera, stream it around the clock in real time. The quality of the recording depending on the time of day does not change. web camera installed on one of the nearby buildings so that the frame got most of the area. Any Internet user can watch the broadcast at a convenient time to do enough to turn on the device and connect it to the network. no matter what country you are in you will see and hear everything going on in the square.

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