Webcam Novosibirsk - Street view of the Sunrise through October bridge

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About webcam "Street view of the Sunrise through October bridge" in the city Novosibirsk

Most areas of Novosibirsk today are illuminated through the lens of the webcam. All of them work around the clock and are available to any user on-line. This is a great opportunity to learn infrastructure, architecture and attractions. Many use live broadcasts to determine the situation on the road, traffic jams, weather conditions. In real time, you can get from this device a view of the Sunrise through the October Bridge. The device covers a large area due to the removal from the surface of the earth. The October Bridge or as it is used by some to call the Municipal Bridge, is an object that is of particular importance to the city. It is considered a transport hub and connects across the river two large areas. Its construction was completed in 1955, the bridge became the first in the city and consists of 128 spans. Its length is 840 meters just above the river, and the total is 2.3 kilometers. A real-time webcam is installed on an apartment building, and its lens is directed towards the bridge.

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