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About webcam "The intersection of the Ippodromskaja and Kropotkina" in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk appeared with the construction of the railway. Historians say that if it were not, then the city itself, too. Today it is one of the largest cities in the country, it is on the third place after the capital and St. Petersburg. His growth was instant, if viewed from the side of the appearance of other settlements. In just one hundred years, Novosibirsk has grown up with cultural sights organized by the streets, acquired a developed infrastructure, including the metro. The intersection of Ipodromsky and Kropotkin is one of the major intersections of the city, on which there is always a lively traffic. It is almost completely covered by the lens of the web camera installed there. The device is located opposite the object, the distance from the surface allows you to cover a larger scale and give the user a maximum of useful information about the intersection. With the growing population in the city administration had to expand and transport network, almost every few years there were new areas, streets, road junctions. Broadband routes are due to the need to provide the necessary traffic for the day and reduce the likelihood of traffic jams. The webcam works in real time, it allows you to find out the situation on the road in the area, get acquainted with the city or get information about weather conditions.

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