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Kalinin Square is located in the Zaeltsovsky district, at the intersection of Dusi Kovalchuk and Red Avenue. It is necessary to say that these are two generatrices of the highway, which in general determined the plan of this region. The architecture of this area began to be occupied in the period from 1965 and construction was conducted for four years. It is laid in the form of a circle, the diameter of which is two hundred meters. Seven-story houses around form a hexagon of regular shape, residential apartments occupy the second floor and higher, on the first there are shops and offices. In the north of the facility there is a building of an instrument-making plant, on whose wall and to this day weighs a placard indicating weather and time data. About 80 meters is in the center of the square lawn. Previously, a contest was held on the possibility of architectural design of the object, the project My Siberia won, which was a girl balancing on a cocoon. The area is not just a tourist attraction, it is also a major transport hub in the city. There is a metro station Zaeltsovskaya. There are immediately stops and other transport. Shops, shopping centers, restaurants and small coffee shops are nearby. There is a broadcast from Kalinin Square, which opens the possibility for the user to see in real time the city, and in particular one of its main parts.

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