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About webcam "Crossroads of Red Ave. on Lenin Square" in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk today is widely covered in the Internet, thanks to the webcams installed on its territory. Everyone works around the clock in real time and gives a clear idea of ​​what the city is, which has appeared here for only a hundred years and has grown to an incredible size. Crossroads pr. Red and st. Lenin is a broadband route, which is one of the most important highways of the city. If we consider the city center, then the object is in the closest proximity to it. The device is located on the residential building, for greater coverage the camera was raised several floors up. Part of the intersection is viewed in detail, especially if you expand the broadcast to the full screen. Behind the intersection is the Vokzalnaya main road, Lenin's square and other not unimportant objects, among them the ballet theater. In the same area is the square of the Opera House, but it is not visible from the camera, it should be mentioned as the main landmark. Around the intersection there is a developed infrastructure, there are big shops and several museums. Translation is available to every user completely free of charge, you can activate it at any time, it is enough to have a connection to the Internet.

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