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About webcam "The thermal pool aquapark" in the city Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk refers to cities with a multimillion number of inhabitants, the infrastructure, including the entertainment sphere. The locals always know what I can do to occupy your time, going with children in one of the possible complexes. Popular thermal pool in the water Park and all because there is no opportunity in the summer to enjoy swimming in open water because of the cold. Thermal pool is a small bowl of hot water, which is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay there. Around him the room is equipped for a comfortable stay. To see it through the lens of a web camera installed in the room she is active around the clock, the picture running to the Internet and viewing may be accessed by any network user. The residents of Novosibirsk, this stream will be very useful in remotely they can see the pool and assess its benefits. Webcam working around the clock in real time, even when the institution is closed, the device ceases to transmit the video signal. The camera lens is almost completely covers the room, you can see the tiled floors and the number of tourists. The device is not functional possible to rotate the lens so the picture is always served from one angle, but it is sufficient to evaluate the benefits of the institution. Access videos from anywhere in the world, the main condition is to have a quality connection to the network. The room is perfectly visible through the camera benches for visitors, it is clear that all are in the room in towels and Slippers. This information will be useful to those who are going to the pool on vacation.

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