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Many cities have their own educational institutions that allow the younger generation to get a profession for the future. Novotroitsk was no exception, on the territory of which the Sovietskaya Building College occupies not a small place. This is not a very modern building. Built many decades ago, through the doors of which not few students passed. And today the building technical school remains in demand due to the popularity and necessity of the profession, which he teaches. You can see the street and the institution through a web camera. It is installed on one of the pillars and covers a large area of ​​the city from a small height. Remoteness from the land gives an excellent overview, but does not give in details to consider the area. In any case, the online broadcast is a good tool to get completely free of charge useful information on what is nearby to the technical school and how things are here with the infrastructure. The picture quality is wonderful, but at night only lights are visible. The web camera is not set to night mode, at other times it will become an indispensable assistant.

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