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About webcam "Waterfront and mountain Bear" in Partenit

The web camera installed on one of the buildings located on the waterfront near Bear mountain in Partenit. She grasps with one hand directly of the rock, and on the other the valley to the next mountain. The views of the ordinary man in the street really striking in its beauty. Here and the sea, to the distant horizon, and a huge height of the cliffs and the residential sector with resorts, where vacationers arrive for a holiday. From the picture, which shows a webcam, you can see some buildings standing right in the sea, other is maximum to it approached. A little hard at the video to see the quality of the beach, near the promenade and of the mountain Bear, but to estimate the angle of descent to the sea is quite real. This is a great place to stay if you are not sure about this, the image from the webcam ideal tool to verify this.

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