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The city of Pskov is one of the cities glory in Russia, so at the first opportunity you have to get acquainted with its sights. On its territory there are the square, its territory vast enough for public meetings. You can see it is written independently, it does not need to spend extra money on a ticket, you can simply connect your computer to the Internet to see it with my own eyes. October square is covered with asphalt, its territory is enough space for parades. To areas is a wide driveway, and at its center is a small flowerbed. Webcam installed here broadcasts the picture of the clock in real time, therefore, all users remain informed of the latest events. on site there is no lights, only on the outskirts, but the web camera captures almost the entire area, so at nightfall, the photo quality deteriorates. To further examine the object you want to activate the stream in the daytime. Due to the remoteness of the device to see in detail will be difficult for people and machines, but the overall picture of what is happening is quite clear. In the frame of fall and some of the buildings around the square.

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