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About webcam "Self-service car wash "Berimoy"" in Rostov-on-don

For some in Russia self-service car wash is an innovation to which a person is not accustomed to. Today, even if you do not have a car wash in the city, you can easily see what it is and how it works, just turn on the webcam. She's the kind installed on the car wash self-service Berinai", which is located in the city of Rostov-on-don. The picture is available round the clock, in real time, so you can see how developing this type of business and make your own plan of action. In addition, if you are a person whose car is now at the car wash, the webcam is an ideal tool to monitor what is happening there. The device is directed to the pits, it captures the devices of payment, and Parking, where cars tend to wipe dry.

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