Webcam Rostov-on-don - The car wash down the street Dovatora

About webcam "The car wash down the street Dovatora" in the city Rostov-on-don

The car wash down the street Dovatora in the city of Rostov-on-don is very popular with local residents. So, the life became public, and people can see what's happening with their machines, what is the flow of customers, fitted sinks, there was installed a webcam. The device delivers around the clock not only a clear picture but also the sound, so the user can see and hear what is happening at the facility. Car wash efficiently manned, in the summer, makes some motorists and loved ones who are waiting for their homes to be nervous. The webcam is a perfect companion not just to stay in touch and see what a man does while at the sink, as rapidly moving queue.

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